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Friday, August 29, 2014

Did I mention Tennessee???

Yes, we had a good time. It wasn't a picnic, there was a lot of material to cover. New Policies and Procedures, changes from Bare Bones to Standards of Excellence, changes like a Presentation Case is optional, the new Membership Model, changes that will take place as to who and how donations can be raised, reported and reimbursed. Just to mention a little of the 16 hours spent in the conference room. I'm pretty certain much more will be covered in Threads over the next several months. Quilts of Valor will begin a new chapter in 2015.

There were a couple of people there that were kind of recognizable...they need no introduction.

I've got to tell you we had it all together. You have to admit it was organized for a brief shining moment.

Then we sat down and went to work.Well Judie did anyway. 

Yes, we were from all over the place. But with one Mission. 

and as depicted by the photo wall that Mission is in some very good hands. News articles, photos, and a room full of emotion associated with it all.

Not to mention a quilt or two.

I honestly think a good time was had by all. It will take some time to digest it but from my perspective and as a veteran and having the opportunity to mix with this group of people, from Catherine Roberts, Marianne Fons, and each and every man and women that take a few moments out of their day to say Thank You and Welcome Home; QOVF is in some really great hands...talented too.

We're here...really!!!

One thing for sure you'll never seen any advertising on the blog. Pretty sure advertisers would want a blogger that makes more than one entry every now and then.
What has been happening is pretty much routine. Quite a bit of longarming, made it to the Tennessee conference but due to some unforeseen circumstances couldn't make the Nevada conference. But time has not stood still. Here we are at the end of August...already.

Here are some of the latest QOV's and a few others that have passed through the rollers of our longarm.

 I may have posted this before but thought I'd put it up for those that picked up the "stars" in Tennessee here is just one idea.

 This is a 'raffle quilt' pieced by one of our guild members and a very active QOV quilter...not to mention an active Commander in the US Navy. I did the longarming and Elaine did the binding. It will be raffled off at a motorcycle poker run. The annual event raises funds for Cedar Grove a housing project that provides affordable housing for what were previously homeless veterans. Two words that should not be associated even remotely.

Some more QOV's

Every now and then I do something other than a QOV...not often but once in awhile.

Another QOV

and even a baby quilt now and then. I just got the second of three from the quilter.

and then another QOV or two or three or four.

I've posted the above photo because, at least for me, this is what I like to see as a longarmer...this is the bottom, getting ready to sew in the last row of the pattern. It is not basted. Just laying there...flat. I'm very fortunate to get quite a few quilts from this group out of New York...this is pretty much the case for every quilt. I mention this because they come out of a marathon sew day. They produce numerous quilts, the jelly rolls were from last years marathon. They make lots of quilts with lots of quality. Always a pleasure to longarm for Southern Tier.