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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August...Came and Went.

Where does the time go?
We've most certainly been busy...Awards, meetings, preparing for upcoming events, a trip here and there and even some longarming.

Elaine has spent the last two weeks with our son and grandchildren in PA while I've held down the fort, allowed the dogs to boss me around and kept the longarm humming.

One major announcement for those that attend the Birds of a Feather event. We, Not Forgotten QOV, will be set up during the full event in the Marriott, Newport News City Center, from February 11 through the 14th, 2016. For the locals here in the Hampton Roads area if nothing else stop by to sew with us as we work on Quilts of Valor. We will be located in the Rotunda. As always we will have a QOV Booth up and running. Virginia Longarm has graciously invited us to be part of their annual event and will be providing the space and a Innova Longarm that I will be utilizing to work on Quilts of Valor. For the next several months Not Forgotten QOV will be making kits so that participants and others who want to sew will have readily available materials to work on. This will be the second year that Valerie Schlake, owner of Virginia Longarm and the power source behind The Longarm Network, has invited Not Forgotten QOV to participate in Birds of a Feather. You can find out more at If you are close you won't be disappointed...this is a fantastic event.

Elaine and I are proud as can be to be associated with Valerie. She became an Innova Longarm dealer in 2012. We have the honor of being her first customer as an Innova dealer. We boastfully say that we are the lucky ones. Her support of us both and her support for our passion in Quilts of Valor is testament to her unselfish and generous contributions she has made to the quilting world. You have no idea how grateful we are that our paths crossed.

As I was saying...Elaine has been with the grandkids and our beautiful daughter-in-law and son. Our son, Trent, having retired from the Marine Corps is now working for Siemens. He is one of several technicians that support the Siemens Electric Locomotives, ACS-64, operated by Amtrak. Okay so we are kind of proud. Maybe just a little. So I guess it was only natural they visited the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg. I guess they had a good time. Nothing but smiles. they say...when the cats away the mice will play. In this case it is the mouse...and that be me. Well one of us has to quilt. Here are some of the latest to fall prey to the Innova.

Let's just say I hate buttons. This was a Navy Career T-Shirt quilt. 

This was a custom piece. I was like really happy the way this one turned out. Fortunately so was the piecer. 

This was a garage sale find. Estimated to be hand sewn in the late 30's early 40's. It had its challenges but came out beautifully.

Commemorating the high school years T. 

Well being a golfer this was a fun piece. Yes they are ties.

If I were to guess...a bird lover.

Some QOV's and some for clients. No idle time here that's for sure. Speaking of idle time. Nikee seems to be confused,,,Is it a pillow or is it a bed? Apparently it can't be both at the same time.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Quilt till you wilt...we do.