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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Going on...

Welcome to 2015. Good bye 2014 and as they say we are going on...

Even the Longarm Room caught a little of the spirit.

As we left one year and moved into the next we haven't forgotten those that mean so much and are so much of our waking moments. The longarm has been busy, finishing 2014 strong and starting 2015 strong.

Some of the Quilts of Valor that found there way to the longarm and have since headed off for labeling and binding. With a steady flow of requests they will find a home within a short time. 

But as well as QOV's we were pretty busy with other quilts. Our granddaughter designed a T-Shirt quilt and Grammy and Gramps were more than happy to oblige. Elaine pieced together T's from our grandson and the Lacrosse T is one of our grand daughters. She wanted it made to give to her Mom for Christmas. The panel below the Lacrosse T (blank in the first photo) had the 'onesie' that our grandson, Zane, wore home from the hospital...shown in the second photo being held up by a very proud Grammy. It was going to be cut up for one of the panels...there was no way Elaine was going to cut that onesie. She appliqued it onto the panel. 

We have been informed that there was a very emotional Mommy on Christmas Morning. Let's just say Selena, Grammy and Gramps did good. 

Another baby quilt also found its way to the longarm room. A good friend of ours has been busy. This is the third one I've done for her and there is more on the way. She's finding her full time job is interfering with her quilting. You have to hate when that happens. 

This one we just finished. The blocks were found at an Estate Sale. All hand sewn. Elaine did the design and finished the piecing and I got to do the longarming. It will undoubtedly find its way to a bed. 

Along the way we made several awards. 

Mickey...WWII United States Navy


Rob...Currently serving in the United State Army. To say Rob is rather a tall individual would be one of those understatement things. This award was done at one of the dedicated Military Displays that are so prominent in our area. It was a nippy 32 degrees. He was happy to be wrapped in his QOV for more reasons than one. 

I got in a couple other quilts as well this was a fun one to work on. 

Elaine had her first 2015 Not Forgotten QOV Sew Days. Among the many in attendance we had some notables. 

Left to right: Michelle and A.J., holding the iron...don't let that fool you, he's a longarmer. They made a three hour drive, one way, to join Elaine and the others for the first sew day of 2015. We will see them again at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest in February. Always a pleasure. Joyce is a new quilter and standing proudly with her first ever block. To the far right is Debbie. English she is. Her husband, a career military man from the UK is currently assigned here as a Liaison Officer. His last assignment was in Germany. Debbie is a UK QOV Volunteer and while in Germany quilted with a group at Landstuhl. We met Joyce when she stopped by the QOV Booth at the Pembroke Mall Christmas Event and Debbie and her husband stopped by the Booth we had set up at the annual Christmas Craft Fair at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. What a pleasure it is to have met them both and how thrilled we are that they now volunteer for Not Forgotten QOV. 

Welcome 2015. We accept your challenges. As Elaine starts her seventh year with QOV and I start my fourth we are grateful to have the health, time and the company of the many volunteers we have had the pleasure of meeting and quilting with. From those meetings we have developed friendships that make each and everyday a pleasure. And to those who serve this great will never be forgotten. 

Now I'm not a wine drinker...but know several that partake it the juice from the fruit of the vine. Apparently this is a good item to have. 

Quilt till you wilt...we do.