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Friday, June 15, 2018

Facebook OUT...Website IN

After more than five years Facebook informed us that our We Quilt Page was not authorized. It appears someone has sued the begeezus out of them for something. There making policy changes faster than diaper changes on a three month old.They said we couldn't have We Quilt because We Quilt is not a real person. DUH! They would gladly allow us to continue if we could provide a valid ID in We Quilt's name. took them over five years to figure this out. I don't know about you but I feel much more secure now on Facebook knowing they are asking for a valid ID of everyone to prove they are in fact who they say they are on FB. Like that's gonna happen.

So not letting the door strike our rear ends on the way out we headed over to GoDaddy and registered a domain name. We were going to go with but it appears there is a group in CA that uses that domain name. Which we found kind of funny considering they have absolutely nothing to do with quilting. It does have to do with a membership program for women to congregate in each others homes. I'm assuming that's the connection. Also assuming they aren't aware that men quilt and that a women's only membership group seems a little 20th Century now. They have been around since far so good.

With the .com being used we went with, it was available so that is where you will find us on the web.

Home of thee Leatherneck Kilted Quilter
Not Forgotten QOV

Check us out and we are open to all suggestions and comments. Until I gain some more website type knowledge and web building skills you'll have to settle for the "scroll down" concept to view all of the items being posted.

If you are one of our Quilts of Valor® quilters you might see your quilt in the Photo Gallery. If you've used us to longarm one of your personal quilts or you've contributed a quilt that we have utilized in a raffle event you may view it under "We are more than just QOV." I will continue to post photos until I max out...then I'll start rotating them with newer quilts and award photos. Enjoy.

If you have been keeping up you are well aware that Elaine has a new toy. As a result of her Brother Entrepreneur 1050X Ten Needle Machine we have embroidered towels, bags, hats, shirts, jackets, pants and well, name it. I'm gonna admit it's kind of neat. I don't ride a Harley Davidson and finding anything Suzuki motorcycle related is next to impossible. That is until Elaine embroidered a baseball cap for me. I wear it with pride. Not long after she gave me the hat I was on a motor ride that mustered at a Harley dealer. I went inside to look around and one of the salesmen approached me and asked "Where did you get that hat." I can be pretty quick when someone opens a door this wide. I pointed over to the section where they had all their hats and said, "Right over there." I aged while he pondered that and then ventured on. When I looked back he was headed for "hats."

You know she wanted a convertible...So I named her machine "Rag Top." Hey it's on wheels and doesn't have a top...don't be so picky.

So if you need to get a hold of Elaine or I...we have more avenues leading to We Quilt than ever before. (She is a real person so she is still on FB) and

Nothing like being accessible.

There is also a calendar on and I am going to make every effort to post anything and everything regarding our Quilt of Valor Awards, our events,Tidewater Quilters' Guild events and other events in our area that pertain to our quilting, longarming and embroidery adventures. So when you get a chance stop by. Until then...later...

Quilt till you wilt...we do.