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Sunday, September 16, 2018


All of the words associated with the above were short four letter words. Which is why the below linked video contains no sound...under the advisement of Elaine.

A recent development with Panto Vision, basically it crashed and burned. The problem started on Saturday, freezing up and having to restart several times to get a pattern loaded and finish a quilt. Minor frustration. On Sunday when I attempted another quilt...not so lucky. I was never able to get Panto to load without freezing up. Major, huge, humongous, gigantic, monumental, frustration. I sent an email to The Longarm Network, Monday morning they (Valerie) forwarded it to ABM. I got a call from ABM but the tech that placed the call couldn't determine a cause and said he would call back after doing some research into the problem.

Before I got a call back, from a different tech, which did come four hours later, Greg from The Longarm Network, known in this house as The Longarm Whisperer, called and we started discussing the problem It was agreed we needed to start the process of replacing components. The least expensive option being the cable. Without Elaine's knowledge I 'borrowed' the cable from her 10 Needle Brother. She wasn't home...what harm could it cause? I removed the back of the longarm and disconnected the original cable. I connected the new cable and everything ran as it should. With a huge sigh of relief, it wasn't the blue box or the tablet or a deep rooted software problem, a hastily return of Elaine's cable and a trip to Walmart for a new cable, I was back up and running. With some excitement I called Greg back to let him know. Once again, Valerie, The Longarm Network and Greg, The Longarm Whisperer, saved the day. Happily when I got the call back from ABM I was in the process of longarming another Quilt of Valor. I thanked them for their call and getting back to me as quickly as they did. Thankful and grateful to say the least.

For those that know our area here on the Atlantic Coast we do want to express our sincere best wishes to those that had to suffer the impact of Hurricane Florence. We were blessed as its path stayed well south of us avoiding what could have been, as previously forecast, catastrophic to our area. Thankful and grateful again. I'm dead serious when I say I'd rather deal with earthquakes. There is something to be said about knowing after the fact, rather than having to live with the constant barrage of maybe's from a long list of just about everyone except Mother Nature, she really is the only one that knows, for a week before the disaster is at your doorstep. With all of the natural and man-made disasters we have to face only Tornadoes outweigh Hurricanes...IMHO. More than anything it is the uncertainty that grabs you by the throat. Stay, leave, volunteer evacuations, mandatory evacuations, go north, no west, how much can you fit in your car? At least with earthquakes the house may fall down all over your stuff...but it's still there to dig through. With tornadoes and hurricanes it's uncertain if your stuff will still be in the same county when it's all over.

For the last twenty plus years we've had a print hanging over our fireplace. So to spruce it up some we made a wall hanging to take the prints place. Now we need to find some wall space for the print. But in the newly painted and refurbished Family Room it is a welcome addition.

Not Forgotten QOV was set up at the Tidewater Quilters' Guild Biennial Quilt Show, once again in the spacious Field House at Cape Henry Collegiate School. As always we had a great time. Re-united with some old acquaintances, made some new friends, saw some beautiful quilts and shared in our commitment and passion for the Quilts of Valor. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to TQG, its gracious members, board and Quilt Show staff. A fabulous show. We enjoyed every minute. Stick-It-To-Me (pin cushions) was one of the participating vendors...I think we only added a half dozen to our collection. The water can below and the two flamingo's are but a few. I think I have six in the Longarm Room...and I hardly ever use a straight pin...but I love the pin cushions.

We still have two more events this year, they are listed on the website calendar at
The AQS event is in October and the annual Christmas Craft Market will be in November. Both will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. We hope if you're in the neighborhood you stop by and say hi.

The longarm has been getting a workout...QOV and others...I finished quilt number 133 for 2018 yesterday...which puts me over 840 since the Innova, (Mother Teresa, Elaine's Mom) quilted her first stitch.

Two inches wider and I have to change the leaders. 

Just a dash of color.

Harry Potter Fan...maybe.

This is 133.

Elaine and the 10 Needle have been busy as well...doing some shirts and labels. I have some samples hanging in the Longarm Room for those that may want a custom label for their quilts. They really do add a nice touch. Whatever you do, custom or otherwise...please label your quilts.

I just happen to stumble upon this photo the other day...



I'm running out of wall space. This is not good news for Hobby Lobby.

Well I had better go see what has got Nikee's attention...

I leave you with this factual piece of information...

Elaine will attest to that...

Quilt till you wilt...we do.