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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Confusion is abounding!!!

Recently I read an entry on Facebook indicating a $10 fee was being charged under the new Membership Requirements of the Quilts of Valor® Foundation and that monies collected did not have to go to National and all could be kept at the local level. Not based on what I have read. So, as usual I expressed my opinion based on what I have heard and what I have read. If there are any inaccuracies I take full responsibility and will make any retractions required.

My response:
"Hopefully this will get straightened out but the confusion is running rampant. If you choose to join as an individual it is $20 annually. A Group is $30 plus $5 for each individual that chooses to join said group, annually. Two person groups with a lot of volunteers will become the norm. Groups are the only 'members' that can raise funds under the registered trademarks of Quilts of Valor, QOV and Quilt of Valor. The logo is not registered. 

ALL, every last penny, raised by Groups WILL be submitted to the National Treasurer for accounting purposes. The Group Leader will be responsible and accountable for this. Once it has been reported the designated Group via the listed Group Leader will have access to those funds, ALL, 100% of the monies raised by submitting receipts for "approved" purchases relating to QOVF activities as long as the receipt is the original and dated within the last year will be honored and the funds returned to the Group. Receipts dated more than a year old at time of submission will not be honored. There is an exception for other 501's which I don't understand and cannot explain.

There is no need for an individual to pay the $20 fee.

The Longarm Coordinators, Jim and Joan (info on have set up two "National Groups." A Longarm Group and a Toppers Group. Anyone that does not have a Group in their area to join can join the appropriate National Group. No one, absolutely no one has to give up their volunteer status with the Quilts of Valor. You can continue to sew and contribute to this most meaningful Mission as you have in the past, a volunteer.

It must be understood that under this membership model that will become active January 1, 2015 only "members" will be eligible for any and all benefits that may become available to QOVF. Volunteers will be excluded from them and certain sections of the web site. And only "members" will be able to request the services of a QOVF Longarmer and as stated ONLY Member Groups will be eligible for fund raising activities and reimbursement. This does not negate anyone's ability to hang on to your receipts and document your expenses for tax purposes. Consult the appropriate source for tax information.

You are going to find that regardless of your personal status someone will be there to assist you with your quilt. It will get completed and it will get awarded. It has been going on for over a is about the Mission and the recipient…always has been always will be.

The IRS requirements have always been met and the shared expenses and other bills have always been paid. Let's hope that continues as well. Personally I find this membership excursion to be a distraction from what is important, the recipient and the volunteer. But that is just my opinion...I know there are others. That's all it is, my opinion. I will continue and until the situation changes will be a part of a two person group, doing everything I can, for as long as I can be productive to support the Mission, the recipients and those that got us here...the QOVF Volunteer. For those that wear that badge of honor I thank you, as a Marine, a combat veteran, a Vietnam Veteran and a longarmer that is graced with some very excellent company. And as a QOV recipient...I don't have the words."

Respectfully, Les Page

Quilt till you wilt...we do.