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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Milestones...small but still Milestones.

At the end of the day I will have completed 100 quilts for the used up portion of 2018. Nothing major but a milestone for me anyway. The most I've completed in one calendar year was 152 so it looks like I'll break my own record by the time the New Year rolls around. Either that or I'll get in a lot of golf and motorcycle rides instead. 

Another small milestone was the completion of my 800th quilt. Like the first quilt I ever longarmed it was a Quilt of Valor. It was crafted by one of the many Not Forgotten QOV Volunteers, Nell H. We look forward to awarding it to one of our active service members or veterans in our community.

You may have noticed that we have finally gotten our first video series going. This has been something that we have wanted to get off the ground for sometime. So like...finally. It is hoped you enjoy and that there is something you can take away from them that is useful to your craft. If you have any feedback you can comment via our to hear from you. 

In regards to the website...please pay it a visit. When we lost We Quilt on Facebook it was a set back. Now with the website and a new Facebook Page, Thee Leatherneck Kilted Quilter, we hope to reestablish contact with those lost when Facebook Admin Deactivated our We Quilt Page. It was tough to loose five plus years of communication and sharing of our crafting, longarming, events and photos without any opportunity to save our data or photos. 

In case you missed it...not sure that could's Shark Week. Okay, so this is my first Shark Week. I've never participated before, not even for one second. But tomorrow we will be picking up our grandson for a visit for the first time. He'll be sharing our time for the next several weeks so Gramps has had to catch up. I had to binge watch the Jurassic movies and watch Shark Week episodes so that I'll be on the same page with him. Apparently he is a huge fan of both. 

Elaine's Brother PR 1050X embroidery machine has been busy as well. She has made Shark Week T's for the three of us. Here's mine. 

Like spiders and snakes I'm not a huge fan of Sharks. But a Gramps has got to do what a Gramps has got to do. Elaine has a long list of activities so for the next couple of weeks we'll be busy. Hey, spoiling takes time and effort. 

With that...I'll leave you with some photos of some of the latest quilts, QOV's and otherwise, that have been completed. We will soon be working on another video for the My Way Series. So there is lots going on in Studio 708. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our brief exchanges. Whether here on the blog, at or on Facebook at Thee Leatherneck Kilted Quilter. 

You can keep up with our activities on the website calendar on We have several things coming up including the Tidewater Quilt Guild Show in August and the AQS Event in October as well as our annual Christmas Craft Market in November. Hope you all have a fabulous day, week, month and what's left of 2018. Later...Les...

Quilt till you wilt...we do.