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Monday, April 28, 2014

It's almost May!!!

So with few words here is what has been going on.
A little 10K Escort Ride @ Ft. Eustis with CVMA

At the Dedication from the event staff at the Scope where The Wall That Heals will be displayed.

Drivers and Truck waiting for us to arrive for escort from Richmond Area to Norfolk
At staging area in Norfolk waiting for Police Escort and other riders.

There are four travelling walls currently. This is the only one directly connected to VVMF.

Even got in a little longarming and QOVing. 

This one is for Elaine's sister and has a lot of family meaning.

Loved the way it came out. 

First time I used this pattern.

I get to do the easy part.

Elaine does all the stuff that makes it a quilt. 
I even got down to Outer Banks for Bike Week. There were a couple of folks at the Harley Dealer.

We got in an Award Presentation or two. This is Josh...he just returned home from a desert community in Afghanistan.

At least while all of this was going on Nikee was taking care of my pillow on the couch. 

Quilt till you wilt...we do.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So Elaine says...

"You know you haven't made a blog entry since March 17th." Well you know she's right...again.
Honestly I haven't had anything to blog about. Not certain anyone wants to know I fought a head cold, have been fighting allergies, worse than ever, for the last two weeks and I kind of figured telling everyone that I shot one over Par on the back nine the other day would probably get about as much reaction as Elaine had. "Oh that's nice." The first time ever in my life I close out nine holes of golf at one over Par and I get "Oh that's nice." So yes, it's been quiet.

That was until yesterday. We set up yesterday, and will be there through Saturday, at the Naval Station Norfolk Main NEX (Naval Exchange). This one is the largest in the world. I think you could put two Target's inside and it makes a Super Walmart look like a Five and Dime. It's huge.

 We are set up just inside the Main Entrance. Which is the entrance under the NEX sign on the left in the above photo. Yes it is a two story facility. Did I mention HUGE.

As mentioned we are just inside the Main Entrance and next to Starbucks. So foot traffic is abundant.

Okay, sorry Diane, oops, didn't see that rack smack dab in front of your face. Here are Elaine and Diane B. manning, oops, womaning the booth. As you can see "Lucy", the Red Eye Singer has made the trip again. The Raffle Quilt is proudly displayed up front, sadly blocking the face of it's maker. The quilt "Don't Tell the Snowman It's Spring" will be drawn for on Saturday afternoon.

Once again we set up the area where people can write Thank You notes that we include with our quilts when awarded. It is always a big both ends, for those that make them and those that receive.

 You have no idea how much this young women reminded both Elaine and I of my family. She is only one short. I have four brothers. I can tell you without question she rules with an iron fist, reminded me of someone I knew growing up. You won't find these young boys walking around with their pants half way to the floor. I heard "Yes ma'am" more than once.

One of the many that stopped to work on "Lucy." She also signed up for Sew Days. This block was finished about an hour later...each sewer adding a strip. The novelty of a 'hand crank' machine is like magnetic.

So with everything in it's place our week long adventure begins. We are thrilled with our location, they supplied the tables and covers making our load much lighter and with a full candy basket we are off and running. If anything exciting happens we'll let you know. We will be there through Saturday and if you are local hope you get the chance to stop by. If you would like to volunteer, we would love the help. Especially Thursday...I'm feeling really guilty about leaving Elaine alone all day. Well give me a break, it's golf day.

Quilt till you wilt...we do...