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Monday, April 28, 2014

It's almost May!!!

So with few words here is what has been going on.
A little 10K Escort Ride @ Ft. Eustis with CVMA

At the Dedication from the event staff at the Scope where The Wall That Heals will be displayed.

Drivers and Truck waiting for us to arrive for escort from Richmond Area to Norfolk
At staging area in Norfolk waiting for Police Escort and other riders.

There are four travelling walls currently. This is the only one directly connected to VVMF.

Even got in a little longarming and QOVing. 

This one is for Elaine's sister and has a lot of family meaning.

Loved the way it came out. 

First time I used this pattern.

I get to do the easy part.

Elaine does all the stuff that makes it a quilt. 
I even got down to Outer Banks for Bike Week. There were a couple of folks at the Harley Dealer.

We got in an Award Presentation or two. This is Josh...he just returned home from a desert community in Afghanistan.

At least while all of this was going on Nikee was taking care of my pillow on the couch. 

Quilt till you wilt...we do.


  1. Les,
    Love to see a group of Vets riding their rides!! Those quilts are beautiful! Love the shadow effects on the one not a QOV. Is that a T-shirt quilt? I have some ladies wanting guidance in making T-shirt quilts and that looks like a great setting.
    Love the quilting on the one you did too!
    You and Elaine make such a great team, with your coach and cheerleader ( i can tell she is enthusiastic) Nikki, always there!
    jo in PA

  2. It is a T Shirt Quilt. Elaine saw the shadow box idea at a quilt shop we stopped in and was glad when her sister ask her to make this one. Thanks.