Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Look

A little background. I am married to a woman that spent over 30 years as a Health and Safety Manager and Ergonomics Guru. On top of that she likes to move things...constantly. So whatever you do don't walk around the house in the dark. Because where it was yesterday is not necessarily where it will be today.

Now that's not saying it is a bad thing...I've adjusted and carry a flashlight when going from room to room. Arguing is just a postponement of where and what I will have to move. Many times I'm not even involved. I just walk into a room and where everything was is no longer. Like I said, I've adjusted.

So anyway Safety Mama, a character she created to do Health, Safety and Ergonomic presentations many years ago was eyeballing the longarm room the other day and noticed a flaw in my work space. Admittedly, I hadn't noticed. I have a tendency to work on the left side of the longarm table. I change bobbins on the left side of the quilt I am working on, oil the hook assembly, rethread the machine, test my tension, my air compressor I use to clean out the hook assembly is mounted on the left side of the longarm frame etc. So accordingly the cabinet that contains all of the essential items should be close to where I do the work. Little things like the bobbin winder, tools, CD player, lasers and the like.

You guessed it. All of that was on the right side of the room. So we spent sometime day before yesterday moving the enormous hutch that holds my threads and some storage items from the left to the right and the cabinet with all of the essentials to the left. Makes sense. No really it does and as soon as I get used to it I will save a tremendous amount of steps. But for now when I go to wind a bobbin, change a CD, get a marker, grab my drink from it's coaster or get my wireless headset I will continue to walk in the opposite direction. I'm sure I walked an extra mile yesterday going right instead of left to get what I needed. Okay, I'm a little slow.

So the longarm room has a new look.

The blonde cabinet under the Thread-a-lobra is now where I guess it should have been in the first place. I'm sure once I remember it's there it will all come together.

Another thing that happened along the way was the ironing table and cabinet (more storage) was also moved into the longarm room. Which I have gotten used to and no longer go into the sewing room to iron my tops and backs. That only took a couple of days.

Like I was saying I work on the left side of the table as you can see where my tools, battery operated rotary cutter and compressor are located. The blonde cabinet was where the large chocolate hutch is now standing. I keep my thread inventory and items I don't use daily in there. 

But wait...The ironing table/cabinet was moved from the sewing room. Well we all know what that means. The kitchen island on wheels that was in the back room, the one with the drop leaf, can be moved into the sewing room for a cutting table. "
We can move the sewing stations this way and I can have easier access to the sewing machine and both embroidery machines all at the same time," she says. "We just have to move the sewing desk to here and this table to there and look how much more efficient that is." 

I know the dogs think it's a good thing. Yes she has to be very careful rolling around on that chair. 

But wait!!! 
"Now that the rolling kitchen island has been moved from the Sewing Room Annex," often referred to in many homes a a bedroom. 
"If we buy a couple of shelving units, move this to there and that over here and send this to Goodwill look at all of the space we gain for quilt storage and we can actually use the day bed when someone stays over."
"Yes dear." 
So off to Lowe's I go. She was right of course. We don't have any pictures of what this room used to look like. Think of an episode of Hoarders. 

But it all came together. Then there was this old mid century bookcase in the guest bedroom. Yes we actually have a room not dedicated to sewing or quilting. Well wouldn't you know it. In just a couple of hours of rearranging the Man Cave the bookshelf fit like it was meant to be. Not before moving the desk, credenza, chair, foot stool, trash can, a printer, desktop computer and gathering another load for Goodwill. I know I'm going to miss some of the stuff she designated that I didn't need anymore in the next year or so. 

To all started with,
"Let's move this cabinet over here and this one over there. Just think how much more efficient it will be."
"Yes dear."

Quilt till you wilt...we do. 


  1. We all make habitual moves - to the right, to the left. Good for our brains to change it up occasionally (but not necessarily good for the shins!). Good luck with the brand new ergonomically correct space!
    PS Love the threadolabra ...
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  2. I really like a design of the room on the last photo. Orange with violet looks stunning!