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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Call it Jack...The Seam Ripper

I, contrary to Elaine, what's new...don't normally name inanimate cars, sewing machines, longarms or whatever...Like Carmen the Dogwood in the front yard, or Kermie the 54 Elna Supermatic...her 45 Featherweight Sheba, like the Queen...but the seam ripper...well it got a name...I would have hated Jack the Ripper had I lived in that era...and so therefore the seam ripper, not being one of my favorite devices, got a name. Say hello to Jack...the Seam Ripper:

But like a lot of my work longarming I have brought tools in from the garage and given them a new home. Good for all involved...they are more comfy inside, protected from the extreme cold of winter and heat of summer in the garage...they stay a lot cleaner and for the most part have their own little space and not jammed with a bunch of other tools in some drawer. I'm sorry, you don't have a Longarm Pouch...

 For me...they make the job at hand much simpler, more efficient and involves less time to complete the task. If you know anything about me you know I subscribe to Keep It Simple Stupid. Enter the Pick & Hook set.

This is my set...purchased at Home Depot...They can be found at Harbor Freight for like a $1.50 for a set. They won't say's a good deal!!!
But when it comes to removing the stitching from those infrequent Oops I've found nothing easier or more to speak. The points are not so sharp as to fear cutting or puncturing the fabric, the points slip under the seam smoothly and with very little effort it is pulled out quickly from one loop to the next...and almost as quickly as they went in...they come out.

Depending on the lay of the thread pattern determines which tool I use...most of the time the 45 degree hook is used and on occasion just the straight pick. Your choice. Give them a won't be disappointed. And Jack...well he stays in the pouch most of the time unless there is need to make the first cut to get the removal going. They also are used to pull up the bobbin thread when needed. They slide right under the foot and hook the bobbin loop to pull it through. Works for me hope they work for you.

Quilt till you wilt.


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