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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Honest...Still Here

We are still around...honest...currently busy as could be...I (Les) have probably 10 quilts hanging for longarming, Elaine is smack dab in the middle of a 'peek a boo' for the Grandson, third birthday just around the corner...not to mention her Quilts of Valor duties...I have a trip to New York coming up, one to New Jersey as well and to be honest...the weather has finally started to improve...which means more golf, less indoor stuff, more motor rides, less indoor stuff, more travelling, less indoor stuff...well what can we say...less indoor stuff...not to mention that green stuff around the house is growing again. We are working on our next blog spot.."Quilts...Just Hanging Out"  Once we get the photos taken we should be posting. Anyway we are here, we appreciate those that take the time to stop by and if you make a comment or two that too is appreciated. We hope you enjoy your visits and we put a smile on your face now and then if nothing else. Quilt till you wilt...
Just Kidding...

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