Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilts...Just Hanging Out!!!

If I could remember, and I don't I would identify who, whom and whoever ask..."What do you do with all of those quilts?" It has been ask more than once. The stock answer is that until they are presented, given as a gift or handed over to their rightful owner after being completed, well they are just Hanging Out.
Naturally there is a good chance you'll find one on the longarm.

You are going to see them Hanging Out all over Studio 708

You just might find one as a wall hanging...but with batting pinned
to the back and turned around as a 'design wall' it's hard to see the
quilt. Currently this is our Granddaughter's second quilt in process.
She is making it to donate to Samaritan House.  

And who knows where a boat ladder might turn up...Here in the Family Room wouldn't necessarily be my first guess.

They can be found on shelves waiting 
for backs, binding or to be presented to a Veteran.

No say it isn't so...on a quilt rack in the master bedroom...NO WAY!!! There's a Queen Size on the bed...but with no company coming who makes the bed...Elaine said absolutely no photo. 

In this house there is a good chance you will find some very old hand made quilts Hanging Out...or laying around , like on the hearth...thank goodness for longarms...I would have never finished a quilt.

Of course there is one on the chair in the Man Cave and another, not pictured, on the couch in the Family Cave, oops Room. Heck there's one on the foot stool...nothing fancy, not worth a photo, just two pieces of like material sandwiching some stuffing and quilted in in 4X4 squares.

Then of course there is this spot...We always like this spot, always nice to have something Hanging Out on this spot. This is where, when they are all done, they lay in wait for their owner's to come by and pick them up. I will show this one later...but for now it stays folded up...the Springsteen Fan that commissioned this one hasn't seen it yet...and has been known to drop by the blog.

I guess you could say we like them just Hanging Out...for us...when they are just around we feel a little warmer on the inside, a little more full of life and pretty close to what really is important...and in the winter...well ya don't have to leave the room to find some extra warmth...not sure if it is the quilt or the love that went into making it...maybe a little of both. Quilt till you wilt... 

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