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Friday, July 19, 2013

Question of the Day

We also have a Facebook Page...We Quilt...more than anything it is a Page we use to 'like' quilt related avenues...McCalls, OLFA, Fons & Porters, other quilters and quilt bloggers with Facebook Pages, well it's a long list. Almost daily one or more of our 'likes' post a 'Question of the Day' Today was no exception...McCall's ask "What was the first quilt you ever fell in love with?" Well I couldn't help essence...
My wife's first quilt. We had finally got serious about getting in better health and physical shape and combined lost 140 pounds. Let's just say I went from my cute roley-poley self (I was fat, with a capital F) to almost lean and mean. I now weigh less than when we got married. I had a closet full of 2X Hawaiian Camp Shirts that had to be replaced with Mediums...the old shirts became squares, a quilt, a wall hanging (pictured) and a very constant reminder hanging in the family room, on the way to the fridge, that moderation is a key. I have been told this does not apply to accumulation of fabrics, sewing machines, threads or sewing supplies in general. I'm thinking that would help explain the now two sewing rooms and the Longarm Room (pictured). The second sewing room, formally the Sewing Room, then the Sewing Supply Room and now with the addition of several of the dozen machines, The Second Sewing Room with Supplies. I have set up security devices and 'elements of surprise' in and around the Man Cave...I'm considering adding a locking device on the door...okay...maybe more than one!!! (pictured)

Quilt till you wilt.

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