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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

But Two Motorcycles is Wrong Why???

Okay, sew (so) I don't need two motorcycles...I can dream about it. But when it comes to sewing machines apparently there is no set rule as to how many is too many...and believe me...I've visited plenty of blogs and web sites where the number Elaine has for the moment is not even a drop in the bucket. Geez, she's only been doing this since like January, give her some time. So before it gets out of hand I thought it best I get the collection posted and in some cases introduced. It will be so much easier to just add a post when there is a new addition...Welcome to the ever growing and all operational collection of my life long friend and partner in crime...I say crime because apparently some feel its a crime to be this happy, this healthy and to have your best friend to share it all with. Fourteen and counting!!!






Little Bro



Two Brothers waiting names. Featherweights Left is Sugar Ray / Right is Sheba

As yet No Name...No favoritism here...If she isn't name inspired soon...No Name will become Clint.


  1. Never tire of looking at old machines. If only they could talk.

  2. Karen I was under the assumption they did...Elaine says there are time when they make more sense that I do. later...Les...