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Sunday, August 4, 2013

QOV...It's About the People

I have mentioned on several occasions that Elaine and I are active in the mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation...if you're not...why??? Okay I have a soft spot. Being a Vietnam Veteran and receiving my first 'thanks for service' with the exception of my father, a decorated WWII Veteran and would be 22 years before I would receive my first. Long before it was popular I vowed never to be guilty of not acknowledging any man or woman that accepted the responsibility and commitment to place themselves in harms way and defend this Republic and the documents that are the foundation of our freedoms. QOVF is one of those avenues that allows me to continue keeping that vow with a little oomph. Again last week I was provided the privilege and honor to present another Veteran with a personal thanks accompanied by the comfort and warmth assembled by those that share their heart felt thanks as it passes through their hands while they piece and sew much more than just a quilt. The recipient in this case was a Veteran whose story is indeed sad, as are way too many. He volunteers in the Clothes Closet at a local VA hospital...while at the same time continues treatment and therapy for Traumatic Brain Disorder. Almost daily he can be found at the VA doing whatever he can to help other Veterans...and asks nothing in return...think about it. As difficult as it is and as emotionally draining as it can be the presentation was made with a personal pride and honor to be associated with this man via our commitment and the pride and honor to be able to support the QOVF. The recipients emotions were also hard to keep in check...a common side effect of receiving a QOV. What made his special, all are in their own way, he knew exactly where it would be displayed...for now after a long time of being a Homeless Veteran recently he was able to acquire an apartment and a new couch. Pictured are the recipient, Bobby J. and Diane B. the Tidewater Quilters Guild member and VA Hospital Volunteer that relayed Bobby's story and request for presentation. We couldn't have been in better company.

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