Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 2014...Who Knew???

Let's just say it didn't sneak up on us. One day we were two kids in high school wondering what's next and the next thing you know we're two adults in Virginia guessed it...What's next. Anyway... Happy Happy Happy.

We started out the New Year the way we finished the old...quilting with friends.

And along the way we picked up a 'new' quilter. Amy is standing next to her first quilt. Once completed it will be given to the expectant mother. The blocks were decorated at the baby shower and now Amy has tackled bringing it all together. It will be the baby's first quilt as well as Amy's.

Started the Quilts of Valor part of our lives off with a bang. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of  their appointed rounds" That would be neither a mail carrier or a QOV Presenter.  Drove to Triangle, VA

The Ceremony was the Promotional Ceremony for a Marine Corps Captain advancing to Major. His Step Dad, a Vietnam Veteran and retired Army Lt. Colonel pinned on his new Oak Leaves. Both the ceremony and Awards were conducted in the foyer of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, VA. It would have taken a lot more than a little snow to keep me away from this one. 

The Major's quilt was made by his mother, a QOV quilter out of Georgia. The quilt Awarded to the Step Father was made by other QOV Volunteers. Here's one of those understatement things...they were beautiful. Here's the funny. Neither of them had a clue. The mother/wife and I have been communicating since September. Not only did she make her son's quilt she made another and gave it to me for an award yet to be determined. The husband had no idea she had made either.We had prearranged the transfer of her quilt to me and we met up in the foyer. The quilt was concealed in a Talbot's Outlet shopping bag. I found a chair and stashed the now two quilts, hers along with the one I brought. She and her husband were seated several rows away. During their conversation he says,
"I saw a guy walking around with a shopping bag just like yours."
"No kidding? How weird." with a slight grin she replied.

So needless to say when she introduced me it was pretty obvious her son standing with her was going to be Awarded a QOV. The real shock set in when I called his Step Father to join us. I don't think they yet know what happened. What happened is the cunning and determination of a woman. A QOV Volunteer no less.

Okay so I had the honor and the privilege this a good job or what. Don't tell anyone...they don't even have to pay me...oh wait.

One 'quilty hug' down one to go. 

Two very surprised QOV Recipients. Did I say very surprised?

No disrespect to the Lt. Colonel...but Ooh-Rah. 
Quilt till you wilt...we do...


  1. What a beautiful jesture for a most deserving couple of men! The elder, my professor and mentor and probably the reason I did 30 years in the Army myself, Mike Pilvensky! Thank you for this honoring service. The quilts are gorgeous!!

  2. What a great accounting of the day! You sure have me pegged---cunning and determined. Surprising both of them was the best. Thanks for making it happen.

  3. Never met a good woman that wasn't. I think I married the one that set the bar though. I have the memory of a 50th Birthday/Retirement Party in California with about 50 folks some from as far away as Michigan. One that happened to have been my Best Man and I served with in Vietnam. We had lost contact with each other over the years and she got a Skip Tracer to locate him and he flew out. did really good. later...Les...