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Friday, January 24, 2014

Quilt of Valor Presentation

The following is the verbiage that I currently use when I present a quilt. Elaine's is basically the same except when it is a local presentation and the QOV was made by Tidewater Quilters' Guild Members there is a reference to them. After Awarding the QOV I always make an effort to discuss the quilt and the information on the label with the recipient. I also include any journals, cards or notes the piecer(s) want included. There will also be a copy of this included with the has been my experience they haven't heard a word I've said.
This is not mine, it has developed from the input of guild members, quilters, Elaine, the experiences I have encountered on the Quilt of Valor journey and from the emotion that I carry with me as a Vietnam Veteran. The last two words are for all that I Award...for many like me they are being heard for the first time.

I am ask, often, Why do you QOV? It is a simple answer...Because I can.


The Quilts of Valor Foundation is a national organization founded in 2003 by “Blue Star” mom Catherine Roberts.  With a son deployed in Iraq, a ‘Gunner’ sitting atop a Humvee she felt “only ten seconds away from panic.” She had this vision of a post deployed warrior struggling with his war demons at 2 in the morning. She saw him sitting on the side of his bed wrapped in a quilt. The quilt not only comforted him but warded off the demons. Thus the QOVF was founded. The Quilts of Valor Foundation’s mission is to cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.  Since its founding, Quilts of Valor has awarded over 95,000 quilts to veterans of military actions, conflicts and wars, including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each Quilt of Valor is formed by loving hands joining bits of fabric together one piece at a time.  A QOV may be fashioned by only one or two individuals or through the combined efforts of many women and men of all skill levels.  Quilters often join together in sewing bees to create these quilts.  As we quilt, we talk about our families and friends and how grateful we are of those that will be receiving what we call our “quilty” hug.  Now, through this quilt, you will become part of our quilting family.

We believe that as we sew the love, caring and gratitude flows from our hearts and through our hands into the developing quilt. We all, as quilters, want you to know that through our quilts you will be forever in our hearts. 

And so, on behalf of the Quilts of Valor Foundation and a grateful Nation, with our deepest appreciation, thank you for your service to our country with this Quilt of Valor Award.  Welcome Home…


  1. May 25th 6pm Ocala, Florida, on behalf of QOV foundation we will be presenting Arch Shealy with his quilt - Arch was a POW held in North Africa during WW-II.

  2. As part of the Audie Murphy Day committee, I have seen several Quilts of Valor presented and it never gets old. I am touched by what you guys do and thank you so much for always being a part of our community, both from the local quilt guild front and for Quilts of Valor. (Wyndi V.)

  3. I requested a QOV from Kathi Pettry - I am a Vietnam vet and would love to receive one. Kathi Pettry said she would be a presenter for me.
    Thank you
    David Brown
    1 Bloom Way
    Hilton Head, SC 29926