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Sunday, September 25, 2016

New and Re-purposed...

Just to catch up...the research phase of purchasing a longarm quilting machine went on for several years. No really. Elaine tactfully suggested that I go to numerous quilt shows and different stores that were longarm vendors. While there we would view, touch, test drive and discuss longarms. Not that I was really paying any attention. I may be slow...but not stupid. I did it all with a smile on my face, love in my heart for the greatest thing that ever happened to me, knowing that her final decision would add to her love and pleasure she had found in quilting. Just another avenue in her crafting journey. It would also provide her with the ability to be more productive in her commitment to Quilts of Valor. She would add the ability to longarm QOV's in house and not have to search for a longarmer and deal with the necessary delays and shipping associated with sending them out to be quilted and waiting for their return.

It would all come to fruition at the Mancuso Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest in February 2012. A Virginia quilt shop longarm dealer made the switch form Gammill to Innova. Innova, parented by ABM International, a pioneer in commercial machine quilting since the late 1940,s. They had been in the home longarm market now for several years. They had also just released PanotVision. This changed my outlook on longarm quilting. Until PV you were a free motion quilter or you were a pantograph quilter if you used a longarm. PV moved the pantograph operator from the back of the machine to the front. I can't tell you what that meant. Having worked with power tools, chop saws, table saws, lathes, radial arm saws and numerous power hand tools for decades, longarming suddenly made sense. It placed you on the correct position of your work project, in the front. The longarm was now and to me will always be a "power tool."  

With more than two years of research Elaine had it narrowed down to Gammill and Innova. I'm a longarmer today because she chose Innova. There are some sub plots...Heidi, from ABM, Valerie Schlake the dealer at then Virginia Longarm, now The Longarm Network with facilities here in Virginia and South Carolina. Their flawless customer service and an abundant amount of time shared with us before the purchase only complimented the product that was manufactured by ABM. That brings us to today.

A man's work place deserves the best accoutrements. I have finally completed my quest to compliment my love of quilting, power tools and a well equipped work space. In this case it's not the garage but the longarm room. Although you may see some similarities. Introducing this longarmer's dream for organizing the storage of equipment, spare parts, tools, and supplies associated with longarming. Please raise a glass...or thread a needle...whatever fits your fancy.

It doesn't get any better than this. 

Well that's the the re-purposed. Elaine and I have decided to donate all of our DVD's to the library. Well that left us with the DVD Cabinet. I guess one might think a trip to Salvation Army would be the next step. Oh how wrong that would be. to the sewing room you go...

Wouldn't you know it...a perfect fit...

Good bye DVD's. Hello Fat Quarters.Welcome to the world of quilting.

Well time for me to hit the showers. Need to go do some grocery shopping and then get busy on a quilt. If for no other reason than to spend some time with my new tool chest and one of the greatest power tools ever manufactured. Innova and Craftsman...not two names often used in the same sentence. Till now.

In case your wondering...what will he be quilting? Oh I don't know, how about a QOV...

Quilt till you wilt...we do.

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  1. Love your re-purpose for thread storage. Wish I had the room but someday I will. I have my eye set on the unfinished side of the basement for my next expansion. LOL I also noticed your Harbor Freight magnet bar for floating your top. I too use this same method. I'll take some photos of my modifications and storage system for the bars and try to post on the Yahoo Group within the next several days. Thanks for sharing. Susan