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Friday, November 15, 2013


That's the miles we put on the last two days. We traveled to Lynchburg Virginia for a Quilt of Valor Award for a three time recipient of the Bronze Star while serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. We had a packed house. He is the former Youth Director at his church and the event was attended by them and his family and friends. Well over a hundred in attendance. Yes it got a little emotional. The wusses used real men, we just used our sleeves.

Then after the overnight stay in Lynchburg we were off to Farmville where the following morning we made a family only Award to a Korea War and Vietnam War (three tours) retired United States Army Sergeant Major. Very special event for two reasons...the Award and his wife is a quilter and been looking for a cause to quilt for. Well, have you come to the right place. Or is that I came to the right place. Either case QOV may have just picked up another volunteer. And her work...well what we saw could be entered in shows and would judge very well.

The quilt was done by the Wabi Sabi Group out of Colorado

A little 'quilty' hug and Peace...well for us anyway.

Then it was time to head home...well not directly. Elaine was quizzing everyone as to where there might be quilt shops...not to mention the iPad was in full search mode. Three promising shops were suggested and discovered lurking within the iPad.

The first was Lib's Place in Rice, VA on Prince Edward Highway (US 460) ( & Facebook).  If you sew, if you quilt, if you scrapebook, craft whatever and your passing through or you live in the need to stop by. This is a shop worth your time. Excellent selections of material, patterns, yarns, notions and supplies. Louisa and Linda are terrific hostesses and we felt like old friends within minutes. If you're going East or West through Rice this is a must stop.

While at Lib's Place we saw a quilt that was 'free motion' quilted by the owner of a shop in Crewe, VA. Sadly the shop was closed but we were able to leave some business cards and brochures (QOVF) with the business owner next door, her sister, who said she would pass them on. We have the shop hours now and won't miss her next time.

Then the iPad kicked in and lo and behold just 12 miles north of Petersburg, a town we were passing through on our way home, a quilt shop was listed in Chester, VA. I had actually heard of Chester. So it is off to Chester we go...and let me tell you we are glad we did. The shop is called The Busy Bea, LLC. Same thing here if you passing through, it's just off I-95 between Richmond and Peterburg, it is a must stop. And just like Louisa and Linda, Bea and Catherine made us feel like hometown friends in minutes. Great shop, huge selection of material, heavily catering to quilting. Some fabrics we had never seen before and Bea has been a fabric line rep for more thirty years. She has been around and having traveled a five state region for years not only knows the business but the people in it. Again we left some QOVF information and hope we will get some quilts from the many that utilize their shop for classes, sew ins and just quilt related socializing.

So we had a great two days on the road, had some cool but clear and sunny weather, met some great people, awarded a couple of quilts to some very deserving veterans and maybe even picked up a quilt or two in the future. To say we are enjoying the moments...well let's just say we not going to trade what we do for all the money in the world...of course if we won one of those lottery things it would help.

So we're home for a week or so then back on the road a couple of times later this month and in early December for other Awards. Speaking of which we have one today in Norfolk. This time a Navy Veteran...30 year military career and then another 16 with the Navy as a civilian employee...I guess 46 years and serving in two wars is deserving of our recognition. Duh.

Quilt till you wilt...we do...

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