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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Change is good...Elaine says so!!!

Okay I space was becoming a problem...fabric, longarm, 15 sewing machines, batting, quilts, more fabric, thread...more every week, longarm supplies, did I mention fabric. Have you heard the $4.29 Wall at Fabric hut is 30% off...Elaine did.

So the research began...last week. Shelving, tubs, cases, closed or open, big or small, more of what we have or something new? Aesthetically pleasing, functional or both? How much do we want to spend, how much can we spend? It took a week and several trips to Home Depot.

But alas all has been conquered. Can't say I'm not happy. I got the Hutch in the Longarm Room...look at all of the enclosed storage area I'm going to have for thread...the glass doors, shelving and mirrored background is gonna make my thread inventory really stand out. Hello Superior.

The new storage shelving in the sewing room. Industrial grade, extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and configure to your storage needs. We highly recommend it. So here are a few photo's of the new storage shelving and room arrangements.

Quilt till you wilt...we do...

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  1. Wow! I love to get organized!!! Great job and I bet it makes it so much easier...and neat (until you dig out a bunch of fabric and mess it all up again : D)....