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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Outside the Box & Censorship

It happened again...and I swear I didn't say anything negative or mean. I just stated what worked for us. Well the yahoo group monitor apparently, and not what I would call infrequently, must have misplaced my post. So here goes. In our case we have an Innova Longarm system and that is what is being reference. The question regarding thread tension came up again. I made reference to 'search' the group and numerous ideas and suggestions would be related. I went on to say...this is what worked for us and although not recommended by the manufacturer our methods utilize 'industry standard' equipment and methods learned from other Innova owners. Briefly...thread tension is a can win the battles but not the war.

Our battles have been won by using 'M' Standard Steel bobbins, manufacturer recommended bobbin cases and industry standard bobbin cases manufactured by Haya, available through numerous internet sources at less than one third the cost of those recommended. DUH...We have tried all 'metal' and plastic tension inserts (bobbin washers)  in both cases and found our best results without any inserts at all. We are liberal with oil, clean out the hook assembly at every bobbin change with brush and canned air and oil the felt washer (Rotary Tension Assembly) once for every quilt. Each customer quilt gets a new needle and normally a volunteer quilting needle is changed after the second quilt.  We have also followed the procedure published by the manufacturer and reset to the factory settings the Rotary Tension Assembly.

We use a Towa Bobbin Case Tension Gauge, religiously and always run a test strip off to the side of the quilt top loaded on the machine. We view the bottom with a mirror and flashlight. Apparently many go to the extra expense and effort to install a camera and lighting so they can view the 'bottom' thread on a screen. We have found if you run a check before starting the quilt, checking the bottom when in becomes 'clearly' visible after each advance and you know the nuances of your machines sounds and have a feel for what's right and wrong during the process in conjunction with using quality products like those produced by Superior Threads, well your tension battles will be few.

So here it is one more time...on our blog...for a few to see...and the many on the group not to see. We do think outside the box, we try different ideas, devices, techniques and apply what we find that works to produce what we feel is a quality product. We believe we have the best made longarm on the market, have gone through hundreds of trials and tribulations to get to this stage. Knowing full well it is a long journey and one we have only just begun.

No we don't do exactly like someone else wants us to do...number one...for us it's not affordable. We'll talk about that in another post. But we stay within industry standards, maintain our equipment above and beyond what is called for and search out the best quality products to use in our quilting that fits within our budget.

So quilt till you wilt...we do...
(Left) Haya Case and Steel Bobbins / (Right) Manufacturer Suggested  was not a good combo
for us. We still use the manufacturer suggested Bobbin Case.

The Haya on the right has a different throat (opening) we have found no
other differences except the $15 compared to the $49
The most accurate and least expensive bottom thread tension checking unit on the market. Or you could explain to your three year old what to look for and have him/her just walk under and check.
I think I mentioned Superior Thread...well this chart is on their web site. The simplest explanation I've ever seen.

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