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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Disappearing Nine Patch "STAR"

Sew, it is time to share. I guess depending on your guild it can be called one thing or another...ours is Show and here is a STAR. If you know the real name and or designer don't hesitate to comment. This block was discovered in a comments section of

Finished Block and how did we get there...and please tell me it's easy...Okay...It's easy.

Using 5" squares make a 9 patch block with light background squares in the four outside corners only...

Now cut the 9 patch block as you would a disappearing 9 patch. Cutting it in equal segments vertically and horizontally. 

Now place a 3" square on the ends of each colored rectangle. Sew the square to the rectangle on the diagonal from outside edge to outside edge. As per left section shown below. The right section shows the square after trimming and then folded over. Press seam. 

Your finished sections should hopefully look something like this...

Sew the sections of your 9 patch back together. Be careful to match your seams. 

Hi there...Les here...I need to put my two cents the longarmer it's okay with me if you press all of the seams open...thanks bunches, well for eliminating bunches. 

Quilt till you wilt.