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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Disappearing Nine Patch "STAR"

Sew, it is time to share. I guess depending on your guild it can be called one thing or another...ours is Show and here is a STAR. If you know the real name and or designer don't hesitate to comment. This block was discovered in a comments section of

Finished Block and how did we get there...and please tell me it's easy...Okay...It's easy.

Using 5" squares make a 9 patch block with light background squares in the four outside corners only...

Now cut the 9 patch block as you would a disappearing 9 patch. Cutting it in equal segments vertically and horizontally. 

Now place a 3" square on the ends of each colored rectangle. Sew the square to the rectangle on the diagonal from outside edge to outside edge. As per left section shown below. The right section shows the square after trimming and then folded over. Press seam. 

Your finished sections should hopefully look something like this...

Sew the sections of your 9 patch back together. Be careful to match your seams. 

Hi there...Les here...I need to put my two cents the longarmer it's okay with me if you press all of the seams open...thanks bunches, well for eliminating bunches. 

Quilt till you wilt. 


  1. I've got an old quilt block book by Maggie Malone, the 1001 patchwork designs. first printed in 1942, I have the 1982 reprint. Wish it was an original, but still love quilt history. This Lady was one of the first quilters to show how to make quilting to share how easy it was, I quote from the introduction
    "I try to give my students a through grounding in the basic's then I encourage students to experiment. I don't lay down hard and fast rules, the correct method is the method that works for you. "
    Rare to find a quilter like her in the early days, well even now there are so many quilters who want to keep it a mystery, which is sad to me. Before I get off track, Maggie designed the Storm at Sea block with is my favorite block of all time. I'll check her book of pattern's in this book I have I believe she made more books, maybe the stars original name can be found on one of them.

  2. Debbie thanks for the effort. We too just love the history, not only that surrounds quilting but that of those that have taken quilting to a 'new' level...years ago. I don't think there isn't anything we wouldn't share, whether anyone chooses to use a short cut, a pattern, a process, an idea or a tool for us is's quilting and as history will show time and time again...quilts and the processes of quilting have always been about sharing.

  3. This is a great tutorial with awesome step-by-step photos. Great job! I host quilting retreats and several ladies worked on this block at my last retreat. Tomorrow on my blog ( I will have a post about a lady and group who have stitched 812 of these blocks and 35 quilts in progress for QOV. A lot of the work was completed by one lady! I think you would enjoy the post.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I will incorporate it into the next quilt I make for Quilts of Valor

  5. Yes, thank you. This is awesome; so glad I found this. I will be making this for my next QOV also.

  6. Thanks for your post. I am working on a disappearing nine patch star quilt for QOV, just my second quilt... just wanted to be sure I was putting it together correctly. Your post helped a lot. Now back to the sewing machine for me!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. It is a wonderful block and the tutorial was very clearly illustrated.