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Monday, March 4, 2013

Magic Block

We must first make the disclaimer that we have no idea who came up with this or what it's name might really be. Elaine calls it 'magic block.' In this house if Elaine calls it magic block...I call it magic block. We use this block frequently for Quilts of Valor because the basic construction of sewing the strips together can be accomplished by even those, like me, that do not sew. We have used it at numerous sew ins, at events where we set up a couple of tables and machines and let event participates stop by and "Make a block for a Veteran." So here goes...we hope we have put together a little tutorial that you will enjoy.

Pick the color scheme to your liking, of course we are using combinations of R-W & B. For each block you will need six 2 ½" strips...the goal is a 12" square block. The strips will be sewn together with a 'scant ¼" seam. General layout Left to Right...dark color, light color, two dark colors, light color, dark color. When you have sewn the number of blocks you have estimated for the quilt size, got everything pressed you will start sewing the blocks together.

Laying two blocks together, right side to right side, one horizontal, one vertical then sew together.

Sew one side, then the opposite side making a tube. This has been found to help keep the block square. Finish by sewing the remaining two sides.

Okay I don't have a clue here. Elaine says she sews seams vertical strip up.

Once you have all of the blocks sewn together you will cut the sewn together blocks on the diagonal, corner to corner.

Not once but twice...

Okay get ready for the "magic...


Four triangles...well a little magic...
Wait for it!!!

BIGGER Abracadabra!!!

Press everything and partake in laying them out...your choices are endless.

A finished, sans binding and label, Quilt of Valor.

For us the thing about this pattern is the simplicity and that enables others who may not quilt or even normally sew get involved in the making of a quilt...Their commitment was to us all; so should ours be in return.

Quilt till you wilt...Elaine and Les...  

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  1. This block is called Sonja's Window and is featured on one of the manufacturer's websites several years ago.
    Good luck with your volunteer quilting. I do say, I like that word better than "charity".