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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thread Tension AGAIN

Well it will never go away...We have discussed this before and more than anything this is for a little clarity. As previously stated we use the Jamie Wallen demonstrated 'bobbin lift' to check bobbin tension...I guess I should mention...after we have set the bobbin using the Towa Gauge. I would say the Bobbin Case finds the Towa once or twice a month at least. Like moving from cotton or blend fabrics to T Shirts, fleece or flannel and the occasional check to see if anything has loosened...just routine. Also as stated we record the settings we rely on for the tensions that provide the best quality stitching. provides a 'blank' form you can use to document your settings.

And that brings me to Superior Thread...If you haven't signed up for their email newsletter we feel you are missing on some good information. Maybe that's just us, but we think Superior not only produces some really great threads, but they are an excellent resource. And that brings us to this months newsletter and their special pricing on the Towa Gauge...$59...I have seen this gauge from this price, the lowest I've seen, and up to $119. If you haven't purchased one this would be a good opportunity. Well like Porky Pig says...That's all folks. Like we say on occasion...Quilt till you wilt.
If you're interested we can also be found on 'We Quilt'...thanks for listening, or reading as the case may be.

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