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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pre Design Studio III

Let me start by saying...I don't have a clue what else is out there that may or may not do what Pre Design Studio III (III) does. What I wanted to do evolves around making my own patterns to longarm, and not paying $10-$15 for each pattern and being able to save the design in the .pat extension and load it into Panto Vision. I didn't need Adobe Illustrator, Visio or Corel, not to mention their price tags. Based on what I've seen since loading III, the odds of me ever using the full capabilities are slim. I have had the program loaded for about a week, made four designs, quilted two and will play in the program everyday for awhile just to learn a little more to make the whole process a little simpler.  So for me it fits the need perfectly. It is the simplicity of the program that got my attention but I'm blogging about it here because of a little more than that. First there was a free downloadable 'trial version.' It didn't let me download and save my drawings but I did have the ability to use many of the program's functions and tools. Support, I have absolutely no recall of sending an e-mail that wasn't responded to with in hours, if not minutes...and the developers are in the Netherlands. There is a yahoo group and the information available there is endless, online tutorials and videos. And the patterns and graphics that are ready to use that came with the program at least doubled my pattern inventory. Let me tell you my artistic capabilities are to say the least, limited...can you say 'stick figures.' And if I had ever gotten into a discussion about the differences between 'vector' and 'raster'...can you say 'no clue.'
So if you want to make your own patterns, maybe you've seen a drawing that you think you want to turn into a pattern, or a picture you would like to trace to design a pattern, III is the tool. Oh it will do a lot more...a lot more...but for now it does all that I wanted...and then some.
Check it out Pre Design Studio III from the makers of Art and Stitch.

Quilt till you wilt...


  1. I was curious how much the program was. I am considering it also for use with my Pantovision and my Tin Lizzie.

  2. as I recall it was in the neighborhood of $200...check their web site at