Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lock & Load

So yesterday came and went...and another quilt has bit the to speak...but it is ready for squaring and binding. Did a little house keeping, straightened up the table, inventoried spare parts, loaded some bobbins and oiled up the hook assembly or as I say locked and loaded for the next quilt. Did a simple 'star n cloud' pattern on a Project Linus Quilt.

I always enjoy doing these.

If we keep getting spare parts, to steal a line, "We're gonna need a bigger box."

The table was a mess...which happens when you have this much space to pile stuff on...I guess if we did those paper pantographs I'd loose a lot of space...thank goodness for PantoVision. 

Have I mentioned I'm teaching a PantoVision class at Birds of a Feather in February 2014...well not today anyway. I'm not too stoked...people have actually signed up...They put my picture in the "Meet the Teachers" section on's web site under Birds of a Feather...thought for certain that would eliminate sign ups.

For those that don't know...I am an early are the two Corgi's we share space with. So this morning I am joined by the male...Nikee...about 4 he comes up and takes his place on the chair. Normally I feed them around 5. Well as it were I was in the middle of something, around 5, and needed a coffee refill, so down the stairs I go...cup in hand, Nikee in the chair. I get my refill and am headed for the stairs to the Man Cave when I am met with this...and the telepathic message..."You do know what time it is."

Honestly...I don't think he would have let me by...and by the time I turned around the female...Lilee...was at my heels...with pretty much the same message.

Quilt till you Wilt...we do...

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