Monday, September 30, 2013

Mary Ann Fons...

Alright back off, cease and desist, chill, ice it, simmer down, relax, get a grip, kick back, veg out, mellow out, decompress and loosen up. I stand corrected. Elaine pounced on me so hard my youth hurt and it's been gone for years. It was an honest mistake...I've read Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, well okay only one issue a year, and quite a few Motor Trends and a motorcycle magazine or two. Never once had I heard her name mentioned.

So when I took on the role of Virginia Coordinator for the Quilts of Valor Foundation and was going through the process of getting online, getting my bio typed up and sent off, writing intro letters and emails I was also receiving the usual welcome aboard, congratulations, look forward to working and meeting with you.
As all of this was going on I had an email exchange with a Ms. turns out she is my contact for obtaining brochures for one thing. We communicated about brochures, contacting other quilters, guilds and modern quilting. She seemed to be very knowledgeable about quilting...I'm thinking I have discovered a diamond among the pieces of coal...oh do another one of those chill outs...I'm just making an’re not coal. Anyway I'm impressed...turns out to be rightfully so.

Several days later, brochures ordered some more welcome aboard comments I bring up my latest escapades relating to QOVF with my lovely bride. "I have received some really nice emails and I got one from Mary Ann Fons." Well you would have thought I was being blasphemous. She was like a Lioness protecting her cubs, the Mother Hen, the Gate Keeper and the Voice of Redemption all in one. As I would be informed immediately, without taking a breath, in less time that it would take to glance, take a peek or snap one fingers I was informed, with some conviction I might add, it is not Mary Ann!!! It is Marianne!!!!!!...apparently there is a difference...Not only did I mispronounce her name...the questions following regarding her history and association with quilting was not at the tip of my tongue and that too was totally unsatisfactory. 

My lovely bride was at a loss how anyone even remotely associated with quilting would know Ted Williams lifetime batting average, the record for touchdown passes in a game, the Land Speed Record and the number of consecutive free throws in an exhibition put on by Larry Byrd in the 80's and NOT know who Marianne Fons was. Well I know now and I'm to be on the look-out for anything that might be signed by Mary Fons says Elaine. I just said "Yes dear." I think she is trying to mess up my head...even more. 

Oh, it don't stop there...I would eventually relate the story at a Guild I'm telling the story about getting emails from Mary Ann Fons...with conviction and in unison..."It's Marianne!!!" I knew that! I also learned she and her retired partner did pretty well with a little magazine...Love of Quilting. A TV show, a long product line of quilting goods and have earned some worldwide recognition...who'd a thunk? 

I do know this...when I needed a little editing help...Marianne Fons and June Moore were right there to help. Am I in some good company or what? 

Quilt till you wilt...we do. 

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