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Monday, September 16, 2013

So far this month...

We are in the process and very near completion of labeling all of the quilts, 34 residents in the 32 Unit complex, to be awarded to Disabled Veterans who will be the residents of Cedar Grove, a planned veterans apartment complex scheduled to open on the 26th of this month. There is a very distinguished list of dignitaries scheduled to make appearances and speeches at the opening. I will be making a symbolic award to one of the new residents at the opening while the other recipients will be awarded their quilts in a separate ceremony. The Tidewater Quilters Guild members have been working diligently for months to see this become a reality and to represent them and the Quilts of Valor Foundation is an honor.

All 32 apartments will be universally designed and 16 units will be fully accessible, including three units, which will be sensory accessible. Case management services will be facilitated by staff from the Hampton Veterans Administration Medical Facility and onsite counselors.

Elaine and I had the opportunity to visit the Quilts of River County in Gloucester, VA on the 13th and what a great experience that was. Three guilds from the area represented their work, their dedication, and the very historic region of Virginia with an exemplary showing of quilts. Not only did River Country Quilt Guild, Bay Quilters, Stingray Stitchers have quilts displayed in the show area, and in some of the historic buildings in the Historic Courthouse Green but in almost every store front on Main Street. It was a day of enjoyment and reflection on some of Virginia's history and how quilting has been a part of it. The Quilt of Valor area at the show was prominent and staffed with some extremely dedicated quilters. They too are preparing for a mass presentation to the veterans currently receiving treatment at a local VA Hospital in the Spinal Ward. I hope I have the opportunity to witness these presentations in November. As the Virginia Coordinator for Quilts of Valor Foundation it was a pleasure meeting with Mickey Sears, President of River County Quilt Guild and learning of their commitment to Quilts of Valor and their community.

Built in 1766 and Still Standing Tall

On a little lighter note...I am rubbing off on Elaine.  No really...look what she brought into the house to store her sewing machines feet and other accoutrements. Not sure where the screws, nut and bolts are but I'm sure I'll run across them someplace.

Well that's it for now...for those that don't know we are in the need of patriot blocks for future Quilts of Valor quilts. I have several awards that need to be made but as yet don't have the quilts. If you can help please drop me a note and I'll send you the particulars...til later...

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