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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Already!!!

I woke up and it was September...already. The local news stations and those paid to guess at the weather are talking about winter likes it's tomorrow and the magazines I get regarding motorcycles and golf are highlighting cold weather gear. No wonder it goes by so fast they don't let one season finish before they want to discuss one that isn't here's short enough (life)...quit rushing it.

Quilting...still at it regardless of the season...the one pictured is a Project Linus Quilt...the piecer...can I have favorites??? Well she is one...that's not Elaine...but to say she was a little 'thrifty' on the backing would be an understatement. If I know one thing about her tops...they are square...which is why I was able to pull it off...but 3/4" on each side is a little tight. What was Joan Rivers hook line...oh yea..."Can we talk?" I'll be using it when I see one of my favorite piecers here real soon.

You recall...some time ago 'Shop Till You Drop' Well it happened again...we just kept shopping. If you review some of the photos you'll see we had an old piece of remnant carpet on the floor in front of the power tool. Well no more...while we were out, and on at least a monthly basis we stopped in to one of the local Five Below stores...and what did we find but rubberized, 25" square, interlocking floor mats. Would you believe two for $5...So we bought a couple, replaced the carpet and gave them a try. Well they worked out really well. We had been pricing the solid piece mats, the squares at Lowes and Home Depot and honestly the carpet was just fine...until we ran across these. They provide good cushioning and after 6 or so hours in front of the Innova there is no undue fatigue or strain on the back or say I'm a satisfied customer is to say the least. We went back and picked up some more to make what you see and Elaine got six more for the garage and her Re-purpose Work Space. The least expensive solution we had discovered previously was in the $250 range...what you see was $30...Shop Till You Drop...Oh sorry, Five Below is currently between Texas and the Atlantic. to go...sun will be up soon and because it is short (life) I don't like missing any opportunities to enjoy it...Oh and really good news. Elaine has been successful at getting another location for the Every Third Saturday Quilts of Valor Sew In...we had the rug pulled out from under us by the newly elected officers at a local legion hall. You know they say everything happens for a reason...brand new facility, local library, and the best part...FREE. Don't you just hate when that happens...NOT...

The overhang you see on the right...batting...not backing!!!

But you have to love the workmanship...and square as they come.

3/4" on the left included 'selvage'

Let's just call this Happy Feet. 

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