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Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's the Mission cover service members and veterans... You know the rest. These two awards were recently made in Florida at the 100 year birthday celebration of the presenters Grandfather. The Granddaughter, Erin W. also presented to her Father as well. I just finished the mailing label to get the QOV she will present to her brother at a celebration at Thanksgiving to UPS tomorrow. To say Erin has been busy getting all of this arranged via emails with Elaine, UPS deliveries and flights to Florida from Virginia,  not to mention the planning stages to award her brother a QOV once he get's home, would be saying the least. She has done a fabulous job.

Dad on the left and Gramps on the right.

Here is Gramps with three of his five Great Grandchildren. 

With all of our hearts we thank them both for their service to our country. 

Now here's the best part. This was part of Erin's last email.

"One more thing, my grandfather would love your address to send you a thank you card. Isn't he the sweetest? :-)
He actually got "kicked out" of hospice yesterday because he is doing so well they couldn't justify keeping him there. It was great news for us!!" was great news for us as well. 

We are "Not Forgotten QOV"
Quilt till you wilt...we do.

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