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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stepping Down

As of yesterday our commitment to the Quilts of Valor will no longer include Elaine's position as State Coordinator for Virginia nor mine as the Coordinator of Volunteer Training. Following is the email we posted to QOVF and necessary administrators. Rest assured we are not leaving QOVF. As explained we have some personal issues to deal with and found ourselves in conflict with a direction that the current QOVF Executive Staff is taking that we cannot support. As it has been in the past it will be in the future that our efforts will be to assist QOVF in it's Mission and remember that foremost our commitment is to the recipients of Quilts of Valor. Over the next several months I will explain more fully the reasons that guided us to this decision. Thank you all who have aided and supported us both. For information on Elaine's sewing group, Not Forgotten QOV, regarding meeting times and place she can be reached at and I can be reached at or through this blog. Later...Les...

Catherine, Susan and all...
It is with the heaviest of hearts that we submit this open letter to relinquish our positions with the Quilts of Valor Foundation. It has been one of the hardest decisions we have had to make in our married lives. Believe us when we say there have been many hard decisions.
Medical and financial issues are the motivating factors to relinquish both the State Coordinators position for The Commonwealth of Virginia filled by Elaine and the Coordinator of Volunteer Training that Les has filled for the last several months. It most certainly has been our honor and privilege.  We are doing so now so that both positions can be offered to those more in tune with the direction QOVF is going beyond January 2015.
It would be wrong of us not to stipulate that the avenue being taken, membership, is also a factor. With that said and as Les has stated in the past we cannot render the support as an SC or ES member to this program and feel it is not fair to the Foundation to continue. We have both searched our souls for the ability to see this as a positive direction for QOVF…we have come up blank.
We most certainly will continue serving as volunteers for the Quilts of Valor and as mandatedwe will join as a group prior to January 2015 to receive any benefits that may fall upon ‘members.’  If we lost the ability to raise funds and accept donations we could not continue to volunteer.
At this stage in our lives the Mission of QOVF is of the highest priority. We will continue, to the best of our abilities, to assist in accomplishing that mission. For us both to be able to give thanks and a warm welcome home to active service members and veterans is in itself comforting and healing. To Catherine Roberts our gratitude will be never ending. For us both our lives have been enriched by being part of and getting to know many others that share in this mission.
Les currently has no assignments and Elaine can accept requests through September 30, 2014. We will both make sure that all requests currently in queue will be honored and awarded.
Les and Elaine Page

Quilt till you wilt...we do. 

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  1. My heart just sank when I read this and I thought, "Oh, NO, not Mr. Les & Elaine! Even though I've not had the pleasure of meeting Elaine, I feel like I know her just 'a little' from seeing her pretty pictures and hearing ALL the wonderful things Mr. Les has shared about her online and at our recent TN Leadership Conference ;-)

    Although I only got to speak w/Mr. Les for a very brief moment and enjoyed one of his QOVF Conference Seminars, I was immediately impressed and inspired with ALL his Quilts of Valor knowledge, experiences he was willing to share, and his professionalism...Thank YOU both for your service and sacrifice for our country and Quilts of Valor.

    I can assure you both - you will be sorely missed. Trying to fill BOTH your shoes will be a very huge task indeed.

    My Very Best to You and Yours,
    Deb Lindley/East Central IL State Coordinator