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Friday, October 10, 2014

Membership vs. Volunteer

Below is a chart that provides a visual aid that may assist in understanding the benefits of membership that the QOVF is adopting for those that choose to continue under the new program. It is a comparison chart that shows what will still be available for those that continue as volunteers after January 1, 2015. 

Comparison of Benefits to QOVF Members and “Non-member” Volunteers

Benefits for QOVF Fee-paying Members (starting 1 January 2015)  Listed in Appendices of QOVF Policies and Procedures Manual

Loss of Original Benefits for Those Who Choose to Continue as QOVF  Non-member Volunteers
2015 commemorative pin no charge for mailing.

REMAINS available to volunteers for $5
Membership card with personal member number

A CD containing the Quilts of Valor Policies and Procedures Manual as well as templates for forms, marketing materials, fundraising ideas, certificates for awards and appreciation, QOV label patterns, etc., one per group mailed at no charge

NO LONGER AVAILABLE to volunteers.
Access to “members only” area of website (PIN access) offering various and ongoing special benefits such as patterns, vendor discounts, and other members-only opportunities.

NOT AVAILABLE  to volunteers
Discounted participation in Foundation special events such as training meetings, conferences, and QOVF sponsored quilt shows.
 If space is available volunteers may attend and will pay more.  
QOVF marketing material such as color brochures, posters, and other printed material (shipping charges only).

MAY REMAIN available to volunteers.
However, volunteers can’t raise funds or use the QOV registered trademarks.

QOVF’s monthly online newsletter, QOVF Threads, via email

REMAINS available to volunteers

Website listing of registered groups and quilt shops with group leader contact information so potential new members can find and join their group. 

NO LONGER AVAILABLE to volunteers. ONLY member groups and individual members will be listed.
Access to special programs within the quilting industry for discounts on supplies for making Quilts of Valor.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE  to volunteers
Access to official QOVF items for fundraising used at quilting events.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE  to volunteers
Access to the QOVF network of volunteer longarmers.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE to volunteers.
Access to QOVF-produced video and other supporting digital items, as produced.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE  to volunteers unless available publically (e.g., via You-Tube)
Liability insurance coverage when representing the Foundation at public events.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE  to volunteers
State filing of fundraising registration. (The Foundation maintains registration in all states that require registration.)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE to volunteers. Only member groups can fundraise.
IRS reporting and maintenance of fundraising accounts for Official Groups.
NOT APPLICABLE to volunteers. Accounting for monies raised for QOVF is a requirement of the IRS. Membership is not a requirement for an organization to be a non-profit or to be a volunteer in a nonprofit.

Permission to publicly represent Quilts of Valor Foundation (such as at display booths at public events) and to use the Quilts of Valor® Foundation trademarked names and logo in accordance with guidelines in the Quilts of Valor® Foundation Policies and Procedures Manual.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE to volunteers.

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