Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Am I On a "Roll" or What???

I couldn't help myself. One is locked and loaded
and the other is getting fitted. 

The one above is on the kitchen extremely slipper surface to say the least...Yea, I know it says Grill Press...but it is better served as a Don't Let the Quilt Fall to the Floor Prevention Device. 

Which brings me to the question that comes up frequently..."Besides your tool pouch what else made it to the Longarm Room from the garage. Well lets' see...a tool kit.

Magnets, screw drivers, clamps, WD40 pen, 

The tool belt...with necessary measuring devices, CSI flashlight, markers, some more screwdrivers, cleaning brushes, scissors...several styles, rotary cutter, Jack the Ripper, some pics all pouched up on old gun belts, the smaller pouch on the left is Elaine's and of course some marking devices. She was my first convert. 

Of course more clamps. 

The laser made it in too...

Along with a couple of straight edge measuring devices.

So I would pretty much have to say I feel right at home. Now...I need to get 'rolling.' Of course it was intended.

Quilt till you wilt...we do...

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  1. Love to see the "man tools"co opted for the quilting room. New perspectives and they make us laugh!! Thanks, Les.