Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sun Came Out...

So I went for a 300+ ride and had a great day...even rode by Sleepy Hollow on my way to a quilt store in Boydton...

The quilt store was fabulous and the owner and I discussed getting a Quilts of Valor group going...she has a great start with nearly a dozen quilters interested. The shop was quaint and really well stocked. She and her group are meeting again in early November...hope and I can get there for the meeting...kind of tough it's a 6 hour round trip. The shop is Quilter's Nook located in Downtown Boydton, VA. If you get a chance to stop by you will probably find something you can't live without.

You remember the QOV Awards we made to the couple that met and married during WWII. He having received wounds in Iwo Jima and she being his nurse...and the rest is story book. I had the honor of presenting their Quilts of Valor earlier this month and she and her husband were on a recent Honor Flight to D.C. Well apparently she would not go without her quilt.

We did a Quilt of Valor sew in on Saturday the 19th. Of course we are thankful for those that took the time to show up and it was a very productive day...but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was somewhat disappointed that only three quilters showed up. Elaine has been announcing time and place for over a month and went to a lot of trouble to get a facility that was centrally located, clean, good amenities, like a cafe on site, Wi Fi, comfortable chairs, plenty of tables, and well equipped to handle the needs of quilters. But we had a great time, got lots done and how often do you have a "design wall" built in to your meeting honest. I can guarantee they were productive...I was the 'presser' and worked up a sweat. Hopefully next month we can get a few more to show up. I think I mentioned I was disappointed. Many thanks to those that made it.

The exterior and front entrance to TCC/Virginia Beach Multi Use Library Facility.

 The interior of the Conference Room

The quilters in front of the "design wall" with some of the days work...L to R
Susan, Nancy, Elaine and Kathy.

 We had some visitors stop by and got a brief
lesson on quilts and quilting from their Grandmother.

 I know it's a Pin Board but it really worked as a "design wall" and it's like 20' long.

And I'd be amiss if I didn't show you some of Kathy's work...I was fortunate enough to be the longarmer and really enjoyed working on her Carpenter's Star Quilt of Valor. 

Well the yard awaits...with a nice coating of leaves and two weeks growth time to get out the lawnmower, trimmer and blower and do a little yard work. Did I mention I hate yard work...I hate yard work. 

Quilt till you wilt...we do...

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