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Monday, October 28, 2013

Slamming Down a Monday...

Have you ever been so busy you had to 'slam down' a sandwich or maybe a on the go burger from a fast food joint. No time to sit and eat...just eat and run. Well that's today and this blog entry. Busy week end and busier week...well when you throw in two rounds of golf, one Tuesday and one Thursday on top of the regular Sunday...the time left becomes very busy.

I have one locked and loaded, three "need to be done" and more in that UFO pile I hear so much about.
Locked and Loaded
Friday found us putting finishing touches on 'stuff.' We got the recently ordered Design Wall assembled. It took about 20 minutes...the first time...from here on it will be less than half that. To say it is great would be one of those understatement things. Very portable, takes up very little space and disassembled fits in its own 'little' carry bag.

Elaine finished her latest little craft project...and it will be a welcome member to the Traveling Quilt Caravan that goes on around here...going from one Bee to another to a Sew-In to a QOV Event and in January our first Retreat. It is going to be so nice just to pick it up, put it in the Carry Case and away we go...trying to figure out where to set a hot hour...almost always the last thing to put away has been...HAS BEEN...a problem...not any more!!!

Saturday found us on the road for eight hours getting to and from a QOV Award...Moving to say the least. The photos are a little dark...there were several 'professional photographers' on site and I spoke with one that assured me he would send photos. So I can update later. For now...this was our first experience with Homes For Our Troops (

That's about all I can say about that...check out their web site...

The Award was made to a bi-lateral amputee...of course the story is heart wrenching...of course he was an amazing individual, an amazing patriot, person and another of The Few. It was again my honor and privilege to make this presentation and to a fellow Marine. The event was beyond was the Presentation of the Key to his new home...speaking was a Marine Lt. Colonel, a retired General, Governor's Representative, Executives from Homes For Our Troops and those from corporate sponsors. Like the Quilts of Valor Foundation...a whole bunch of good people doing a whole bunch of good stuff. The Retired General...CEO of HFOT...said something that will stick for a long time...In summary he stated he gets ask frequently why doesn't the government do what his organization does...His answer...The Constitution doesn't say We the Government... it says We the People...this is our response...the peoples response to thank these men and women for their service. Doesn't take long to digest that...Thank you General.

Did I mention the recipient was escorted in by Patriot Guard 40+.

The recipient seated next to his wife. 

Some of the items received including the Quilt of Valor...quite an impressive event to say the least. Not to mention an absolutely fabulous new home built completely around his needs.

Sunday found me out riding and Elaine driving to Poqouson, VA for the Penninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild Quilt Show for 2013. Like our Guild their show is every other year. Again they did a great job. Some absolutely fabulous quilts. I got to meet the Quilt of Valor Coordinator for the Guild and we had a good exchange. Their help is going to be greatly appreciated.

So it was a busy week end...and time to get back to work...between the longarm and the golf course I'm in for a busy week...but hey, somebody has to do it.

I haven't gotten any photo's yet...but Elaine got her first "Swirly Girls Pattern" done and I'll post some later...She did really good.

Quilt till you wilt...we do...

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