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Friday, October 11, 2013

Where's Mom???

Well my guess is on the other side of that door you are trying to see through. We have two dogs...this is Lilee...I know cute...and she knows it. The male you see frequently lounging around ones feet while longarming is Nikee. You'd never guess who's dogs they are...okay two guesses...if one is're dead wrong.

Do not panic or freak is not a cigarette...Tootsie Roll Pop. I really need to update some of these photos. New tool belt, tattoo, floor mats, labels on longarm not shown.
Well I was on a roll...moved on to a Log Cabin...both of which now need squaring and binding. Next...Oh wait Elaine wants to do her 'Swirly Girls' quilt...Well is her machine I guess I can go do the grocery shopping.

Love this too is a QOV...done by one of my favorite quilters. This is the second one she has done like this and they were both a joy to longarm. I hope I did them justice. 

So...I'm cutting batting awhile back...scissors in hand...and Elaine says, "Why don't you use this?" and she proceeds to hand me...HELLO!!!...a power rotary cutter. Another power tool...she was holding out...I promised to hang it back on her peg board and not put it in my pouch...but she has a lot of nerve holding back a power tool. Rest assured I checked out the rest of what was hanging on the pegboard.

The iron...Durathon by Hamilton Beach...under $25 on Amazon. On Amazon it only earned 3 stars...I will dispute each and every negative. Of all the irons we have had over the many years of our lives this is by far the best 'steam' iron we have ever had...we will be donating the valued at over a $100 from Oreck and buying a couple more of these...well a travel kit...two boards set up one in each Sewing Room, what would you expect...carry one iron from room to room and sew ins...get don't know Elaine.
Oh I did have to laugh at several of the comments on Amazon...One was "too big to get in to small places..." well you know a smaller iron. The other..."it takes a lot of water..."well puts out a lot of steam. If you are in the market for a good iron that won't break the bank...this is it. Hope you will be as satisfied as we are.

So the other day I read where someone is not happy about their Red Snappers laying all over the place. I'm assuming they also throw away the tubes when they finish a roll of batting. Keep it simple...

Quilt till you wilt...we do...


  1. Coincidence! I just made the same kind of holders for my snappers out of a cardboard tube. If you are interested check it out at My holder is a little bit more fancy...mustache duct tape. Quilt on!

  2. Well now I'm going to have to decorate. Very cool...great minds think alike and what a beautiful studio. E&L