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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Damage is done...Quilt Fest 2013

We have exhausted the Festival, or the Festival exhausted us. Today is the last day but we will be sitting it out. I'm afraid we have given in to playing with our new toys, making a practice sandwich, trying out some new threads, playing with tension, working a little with the new cross hatch device, trying some shadowing and well just hanging out in Studio 708...not a bad Sunday...considering it is still raining and I'm not going to be able to ride. I'm sure I'm not telling anyone anything they haven't experienced at a quilt show...the artistry, creativity, craftsmanship, difficulty and patience that is displayed puts me in one of those "I'm not worthy" attitudes. But as with every show there are the Blue Ribbons, the simply amazing, NO WAY, I don't have enough time on this planet left to do that and I wouldn't think that would have worked to make a quilt...(this year the latter pertains to 'aluminum pull rings' off of beer and soda cans.) And then there is the one quilt that just rips your heart out. It doesn't have to have a description sheet, not one word has to be spoken, regardless whether it has a ribbon of any color is immaterial, it's a of show...a of a kind...the reason you quilt...justifies the expense of the show, your supplies, your equipment...could break every traditional rule of quilting that may not even meet your definition of a quilt...none of that coin...a quilt is worth a thousand words...Please allow my patriotism to show through...If this doesn't just tug at your for a Code Blue...your heart stopped. Have a magnificent day and quilt till you wilt.

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