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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

I don't know about you...but I hate when this happens...Tomorrow is golf day, happens in the neighborhood of 45 times a year, that's just Thursdays another 60 or so on other days...Mother Nature isn't always cooperative. But tomorrow is different...On my way to the course I will be dropping Elaine off at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival and then after golf I have to go to the Festival...Thursday afternoon, and Friday and Saturday...well Sunday is kind of up in the permitting there is a motor ride I may go on...Elaine says that's too bad but she would suffer and go for the final day on her own. Oh well, somebody has to do it. Let's see...going to need to stock up on threads, might have some good deals on batting, fusible interface, needles, need to find another 'original' bobbin for the Featherweight and what else can we absolutely not live without. Oh yea...Pre Design Studio III. I want to start making my own quilting patterns...It's hard to find patterns I like to quilt for the T-Shirt quilts I make for motorcyclists, carpenters, hunters, fishers, NFLers and NASCAR enthusiasts to name a few. I've seen some but I'm frugal (not the term she uses) as it has been noted by my lovely bride and having tried the program to make a couple of patterns...well $15 per pattern is a little steep in my book. It took me like 15 minutes to make the first one. I saved a $1.00 a minute...or if I made four in an hour I saved $60. Sixteen patterns pays for the program. I guess before PantoVision, and you had to use paper pantographs $15 wasn't bad, considering the cost of ink and paper. I just load it onto a USB drive and then download it to the tablet. Well got to go...laundry to do, and Elaine put another QOV on the longarm...Make it great and Quilt till you wilt.
Too Many Choices

So Many Quilts...So Little Time

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