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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quilt Fest...Day Three

Yes today will be day three...and after two days of Chili Cheese Fries I think I'm headed for the Turkey Wrap today...what can I say...I'm a sucker for CCFries...and I have a physical next Wednesday. There goes the the charts.
We have determined that we have enough thread now...Superior said we could come back anytime. We are for the most part Omni users and use it both top and bottom...with good results. Having read quite a bit about Bottom Line and knowing Superior uses Bottom Line for their pre-wound bobbins we bought a couple of spools and are going to give it a try. We will use So Fine on occasion and again with good results. We also bought some King Tut...again heard a lot of good things about cotton so we'll see.
According to Elaine we have saved several thousand dollars. We have left quite a few items on the floor so to speak. Would have been nice to have but not necessary...wish I would have learned that concept when I was like in my twenties...there would be a lot more money in the bank. I'm afraid I am really bad when it comes to 'must have.' There was a time when I had like five motorcycles in the garage...took some time but I learned you can only ride one at a time...I don't even want to think about how much I paid in insurance.
We did run across a seam guide that has our interest, mine in particular, because it is more that just a piece of inch, inch and a half metal. It creates good long base line for me to follow. Please remember I'm used to working with a table saw that has a long fence to run my projects down. The combination of the guide and the gauge can be seen at Oh and the polish...well two of their demo machines for the "Sew Steady Tables" another product in their inventory, are Featherweights that were polished up with this stuff...looked like new. It is also used on their tables...made the acrylic slick as could be, the fabric just glided across the table. We thought about the table, just not a real necessity at this time. See; money saved.
More than likely this will be my last day...if this rain gets through the area today we should see clear skies and temps in the 50's tomorrow...sounds like a good day to take the motor out for a couple of hours and blow out some of the cob webs of winter. I must admit, can't wait to get another quilt loaded, well a practice quilt anyway, to play with some threads, thread tension and my new cross hatch guide. Okay, we didn't leave everything on the floor.
Got to go...Quilt till you wilt...

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