Saturday, February 16, 2013

Virginia Longarm/Virginia Longarm Network

As we mentioned earlier there would be more on our distributor...Virginia Longarm and the Virginia Longarm Network in Oilville, VA. As with the Innova Longarm, based on OUR research, trials, trips to the shows, talking with others, asking around and hours and hours on the internet reading reviews and corporate propaganda, we got the cream of the crop again. Behind the machine that has taken quilting into the 21st Century through innovation, design and development they picked up an old Gammill Dealer along the way and as with ABM International the dealer realized there is room for improvement, not only in the machine but room for improvement in the way longarming can be done. The improvements in the machine were obvious the improvements in quilting would become so very quickly. For us the timing couldn't have been more spot on. It was the straw that broke the camels back, the icing on the cake the jelly for the peanut butter or the sunrise to a beautiful day. There were no local dealers for Innova and the decision maker, Elaine, although favoring Innova was ready to make a Gammill purchase because of accessible support. Almost the same day she became aware of Virginia Longarm... they switched to Innova.  Being a member of a guild, all of whom own other brands than Innova, and many of them Gammills, she was being heavily influenced by Gammill owners, as she should have been, Gammill makes a fine piece of equipment and have been for sometime. And as I have said before who wants to badmouth their equipment when you've made a ten to twenty+ thousand dollar investment. But Virginia Longarm's location, switch to Innova and the personality of the people made the deal.
Did I mention the people. From the owner and through the ranks there has not been one instance where we didn't feel as though we belonged and were part of the 'Network', the family of Virginia Longarm customers. The early growing pains we suffered with the software and the computer tablet would, I truly believe, have never been rectified without the assistance of Virginia Longarm. Their customer service has gone above and beyond what you would expect from a 'middle man' so to speak. They stepped up and took control of our situation and put some sweetness back into something that was starting to be very bitter.
So if your looking for a longarm machine, your search brings you to the doorstep of ABM International and Innova Longarms and your looking for what we consider to be a nearly maintenance free machine, a 21st Century concept of handling quilting patterns, ergonomic consideration and adjustment capabilities that far exceed others...then if you are at all concerned with professional, courteous and reliable support from a company and all of its personnel...put Virginia Longarm on your the top would be your best bet if your anywhere close...which in this case is relative...for us, close would include probably 25 states.

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