Sunday, February 17, 2013

On a Slant...

Here's one for PantoVision users...

I loaded this pattern the other day, not being too attentive, considering the program, to my knowledge does not provide a way to 'square' the pattern to the grid, and assuming that squaring was automatic. Anyway as you can tell one side is lower than the other and it remained so throughout the quilting process. The first picture is Rows 1&2 while the second is Rows 9&10. There is always some movement of the pattern to the grid because of adjustments made during the process from quilting and advancing, but for it to be 'slanting' well that was a curve translated to the quilt...fortunately able to make some adjustments when the excess was trimmed and the quilt squared. Always make them a shade larger than you want the finished product to be. Well at least we do. Quilt till you wilt.


  1. I have noticed on my Innova that if I "home" the needle in the top right hand corner and mark that spot on the quilt, when I move the machine head around and to the left and then come back to "home" it is off. I have heard that the encorder needs to have a little spring added to hold it on the rail and not have "home" wander. Have you hear this?

    1. I have not heard it, or let's say seen or heard it admitted to. But I think it has a lot to do with the movement of the pattern in relation to where it is when you finish and where it was when you started. Like I pictured and discussed... "adjustments made during the process..." It has been my experience, with other 'power tools' and computer operated devices that once the operator makes a setting it should stay fixed until changed by the operator. In the case of the pattern, whether it be from vibration or the movement of the encoder I have to make adjustments on every row to get the results I want. I have not had cause to check "home." But I will begin doing this on occasion. Never gave it much thought. I only go back to 'full view' after I start a quilt if I have to shut down for one reason or another without finishing. When I get back to it I have to restart everything and 're-home' so I really have never paid much attention. But what you say makes sense and might be a good question/comment to relay to ABM/Innova via Michael or one of the yahoo groups. til later...Les...Quilt till you wilt.